Policies and procedures

Classroom policies and procedures for Mr. Hatten's Journalism classes and Room 319


General policies and procedures in Mr. Hatten's classes follow three simple principles:

  • Be Respectful
  • Be Ready
  • Be Responsible

General Policies

1) No food or drink in classroom, computer lab, TV studio or Production booth at any time

2) Students should be in their desks and ready to work immediately after the bell

3) Be on time.  Upon a third tardy, students will face disciplinary action. A tardy is assigned by Mr. Hatten and his decision is final.  Mr. Hatten deigns a tardy at arriving in the classroom door after the bell has rung.

4) No electronic devices allowed unless Mr. Hatten grants permission.  Electronic devices include mp3 players, cell phones, video games, etc.  Your device will be confiscated on first offense and handed back at the end of the day.  Upon further infractions of this rule, students may pick up the device in the main office.  Upon third offense, a parent must pick up the device from the office and have a meeting with Mr. Hatten.