Alternative final assignment

Here is the final outside reading memoir assignment for Mr. Hatten's English 10 classes

This is the alternative final assignment for the outside reading memoir of first quarter for Mr. Hatten's English 10 classes.  This project is due at the end of the school day on Friday, October 26, 2007.

  • Description: Instead of writing a literary analysis paper of your memoir, you may choose four Mind Maps to create an analysis of your memoir. 
  • Each of the four maps must be turned in as clean, complete copies with a depth and level of detail similar to that of writing a paper (ie. use direct quotations from the book including page numbers; use paraphrasing; use examples from the book; etc.)
  • Below is a drawing of each mind map with a short description of how you may use them:

Circle map

  • A circle map is used for defining in context:
  • How are you defining this thing or idea?
  • What is the context?
  • What is your frame of reference?
  • For memoir assignment: put the major conflict in the center circle, the elements of a memoir in the inner circle, and in the frame specific quotes or examples (with page numbers) from the book  to give as a frame of reference.

Bubble Map

  • A bubble map is used for describing qualities
  • How are you describing this thing?
  • Which adjectives would best describe this thing?
  • For the memoir assignment: In the center circle place the author's name (kind of like a main character) and descriptions of that memoir writer from the book with quotations, etc.

Double Bubble Map

  • A double bubble map is used for comparing and contrasting
  • What are the similar and different qualities of these things?
  • Which qualities do you value most? Why?
  • For memoir assignment could be used to compare/contrast one of these:
  • people in the book (kind of think of them as characters);
  •  The Diving Bell and the Butterfly to your memoir;
  • The Sea Inside to your memoir;
  • A historical event to your memoir;
  • A fictional movie, play or poem to your memoir;
  • Another book or novel to your memoir.

Tree Map

  • A tree map classifies things
  • What are the main ideas (main point), supporting ideas, and details in this information?
  • For memoir assignment: Can be used to classify details from the memoir including (but not limited to) setting, characters, symbols, conflicts, tone, etc.

Brace Map

  • Brace maps are used to show parts of a whole
  • What are the component parts and subparts of this whole physical object?
  • For memoir assignment: divide the setting into parts (use specific examples)

Flow Map

  • The flow map is used for sequencing
  • What happened and in what order?
  • What is the sequence of events?
  • What are the substages (the smaller boxes below)?
  • For memoir assignment: use for the major events of the book (with quotes and page numbers).

Multi-Flow Map

  • Multi-flow maps are often used for cause and effect
  • The center box contains a conflict (either internal or external)
  • What are the causes and effects of this event?
  • What might happen next?
  • For memoir: A major conflict of the book could go in the middle and causes and effects in their proper sides with quotes, etc. to back it up.

Bridge Map

  • Bridge maps are used to help see analogies
  • What is the analogy being used?
  • What is the guiding metaphor?
  • For memoir: make analogies or connections to pop culture or other books or films (use direct quotes and page numbers to prove your point).