Edify Version 2.9.0

posted Feb 5, 2016, 2:16 PM by Kickstand Systems   [ updated Nov 11, 2016, 11:56 AM ]

New Features

  • Assessment Item Passages

    • Passages can now be created, which allow students to respond to a group of questions that are related to the displayed passage content

    • Passages can be created from the Manage -> Assessment Items page

    • The assessment item search page now has an alternative searching mode that allows the user to search for passages

    • Assessments can now be configured to randomize the question sequence within a passage

  • Point Store Scorecard

    • Teachers can now view a listing of the total amount of points that their students have earned in their course by selecting the scorecard button at the top of their course store page

    • The teacher can sort by student, points earned, and points spent


  • The course progress will no longer show a negative percentage when a start date is set in the future

  • Assessment retries are no longer allowed if the latest attempt has not been finalized

Edify Version 2.15b

posted Feb 5, 2016, 2:16 PM by Kickstand Systems   [ updated Nov 11, 2016, 11:39 AM ]


  • Course Usage Report

  • Remade Course Create/Edit Pages

    • Includes new weight and default duration fields

Edify Version 2.17.0

posted Feb 5, 2016, 2:16 PM by Kickstand Systems   [ updated Nov 11, 2016, 11:43 AM ]


  • Multiple choice answers will now be presented in a random order when the assessment is flagged for randomization.

  • Teachers can now create custom teacher templates when the “Teachers can Create Templates” option is checked on the teacher’s district.

    • This option also manages a teacher’s ability to publish master templates to themselves.

  • Master templates no longer require a school to be selected.

  • Assessment results can no longer be seen by students once a course is completed.

    • There is currently a 14 day grace period past the completion date for review.

  • Course builder page now loads unit details on demand, speeding up the initial load.

  • Teacher course dashboards now have direct maintenance page access.

  • Assessment Level Date Restriction

    • Assessments now have Open Date and Close Date properties that allow the teacher to select a date range in which the student can access the assessment.

    • If a student returns to the assessment after the Close Date has passed, the assessment will auto-submit, and they will be able to review it after.

    • Teachers also have the option to submit an assessment for a student if the Close Date has passed (so they don’t have to wait for the student to do it).

  • Manual Assessment Locking

    • There is also now a Locked property on Assessments so teachers can manually lock and unlock an assessment for all students if they do not wish to use the date range


  • Fixed issue with the performance standards section not listing all the available standards from the selected assessment items on the assessment builder page.

  • Assessment timer style changes for more responsive use.

  • Publishing teacher templates no longer checks for the district level publish permissions, allowing the publishing of master templates by teachers to be turned off at the district level where necessary.

  • The file export on the performance tab of a course now includes all student data instead of just the visible page.

  • A new column now exists on the performance tab’s file export: Standard Code.

Edify Version 2.13.0

posted Feb 5, 2016, 2:16 PM by Kickstand Systems   [ updated Nov 11, 2016, 12:01 PM ]


  • Checklist Assessments

    • Teachers can now add/delete notes for each active student in the checklist.

    • Added a Check All Criteria button that checks all the criteria for a given student (it will also uncheck them all on the subsequent click).

    • In a checklist with dropdowns, the descriptions of the grading scale values now appear when hovering over the dropdown selections.

    • Added a “Last Finalized Date” column to the Assessments/Course tab on the course page for the checklist assessments.

  • Course Management

    • Teachers of K4 courses now have a “Just for me” drop-down listing at the top of their course page with the following available links:

      • Reading Log

      • Goals

      • Free Form Drawings

  • Free Form Drawing Tool

    • Students enrolled in K4 courses can now access a graphical canvas tool from their dashboard under “Shape Sandbox”.

    • Teachers can access their students’ saved drawings from their “Just for me” drop-down’s Free Form Drawing link.

    • Both teachers and students have the option of downloading their saved drawings as JPEGs.

  • Teacher Gamification

    • Teachers can now earn Edify experience levels and badges.

    • The overall experience level is displayed along the navigation menu at the top of the page.

    • Clicking on the experience level button links teachers to their awards page, which details their earned badges & experience level areas.

    • Teachers can earn experience levels in the following areas:

      • Lesson Created

      • Lesson Added to Course

      • Resource Created

      • Assessment Item Created

      • Assessment Created

      • Assessment Given

      • Flex Lesson Created

      • Checklist Assessment Given

      • Running Record Entered

  • Lesson Builder

    • The lesson builder page has been rebuilt to better support in-page assessment assignment.

    • The page now contains a step-by-step visualization of the lesson construction process.

    • Quick-preview buttons have been added for both traditional, and K4 interface course types.

    • The resource browser module has been integrated into the lesson builder page, which allows for a selection of any type of resource as primary.

    • The associated standards from the lesson’s assessment items and resources are now displayed on the lesson creation page as a quick reference.

  • Auto PD

    • Lessons now have a flag called “Auto PD Delivery”, which makes the lesson available to be automatically assigned to teachers, based on their students’ assessment & deficiency rates of configured trigger standards.

    • The system auto-generates a new course for teachers that receive PD called “My PD”, which is listed on the teacher’s dashboard under “Courses I’m Taking”.

    • Districts must opt into the Auto PD system and can be configured by a system admin using the district admin page.

    • Teachers can view PD lessons in the lesson search page and opt into them using a new button titled “Add to My PD”.

  • Lesson Search

    • The lesson search page has been refactored to support filtering professional development lessons.

    • The process now supports full-text searching for improved performance.

  • Admin Dashboard

    • The admin page has been refactored to remove deprecated sections and to provide a better visual grouping of page sections.

    • The “Users” link has been moved to the top of the Entity Management section.

    • The lesson approval widget was added to the page.

  • District Admin

    • A new section has been added to the district admin page called “Auto PD Settings”.

    • This section must be configured for a district’s teachers to be eligible to receive auto PD content.

  • User Admin

    • The user admin page has been redesigned to allow for faster searching and filtering by district, district group, user role, user activity, and locked & logged in statuses.

    • The page now supports displaying users that have been created without assigning a district/school using the “Has District” filter.


  • Automated Testing

    • The framework for setting up and tearing down a repeatable, automated, local database testing process has been developed.

    • This framework will provide the infrastructure that will allow the development team to perform automated regression testing much more easily and reliably.

    • Several course-related service calls have been ported to the unit testing project and can now be automatically tested.

Edify Version 2.4.0

posted Feb 5, 2016, 2:16 PM by Kickstand Systems   [ updated Nov 11, 2016, 11:51 AM ]


  • Public Repository

    • Added a direct link to registration on the main login page.

    • Created dashboard for public repository users (also accessible to sys admins)

  • Assessment Item Creation

    • Redesigned creation pages for all assessment item types.

    • Plotting item creation is more streamlined, markers are defined with plotted areas.

  • Data Hubs General Integration

    • Added maintenance (create/edit) pages for Districts. These are available to System and District Administrator roles via their dashboard.

    • Added Data Hubs integration fields (URL, Key, Secret) to District to be used for sending assessment data to Data Hubs.

  • Assessment Builder Page

    • Redesigned assessment builder page to allow for integration of common application modules (assessment item search, standards browser).

  • Folders

    • Added a new page under the Manage navigation item called Folders.

    • Users can now place assessment items into named folders.

    • Items belonging to folders can have batch actions performed, such as adding an entire folder of assessment items to an assessment in one action.

  • Metrics Admin Page

    • System administrators can now view district-level user metrics using this new item linked from the admin dashboard.

  • Permissions

    • TAs are now able to edit assessment items they create when not assigned to courses.

  • Course/Template

    • Added checklist assessments to the deletion process.

  • Lesson Searching

    • Added database optimizations to lesson searching process to improve performance when utilizing keyword searches.

  • Teacher Dashboard

    • The ability to sort courses on the teacher’s dashboard has been restored. Teachers now also have the ability to view their historical courses.

Edify Version 2.8.0

posted Feb 5, 2016, 2:16 PM by Kickstand Systems   [ updated Nov 11, 2016, 11:55 AM ]

New Features

  • Flex Lessons

    • A new menu option is now present under Manage -> Flex Lessons

    • Lessons can now be augmented to deliver individualized content & resources to groups of students

    • Flex lessons can be configured to either replace or supplement the existing lesson content & resources

    • Flex lessons are available for system admins, curriculum admins, master teachers, and teaching assistant account types

  • Points and Badging on the Traditional Student Interface

    • Point totals are now shown on the main student interface

    • Badges will now be shown on a new awards page

  • Mozilla Open Badges Integration

    • Edify badges can now be integrated into Mozilla Open Badge backpacks.

    • Students can now keep their Edify badges in a global space with badges earned from other educational systems.

    • For more information on Open Badges, visit the official site - openbadges.org

  • Manual Badge Awarding

    • Teachers can now award their students custom badges, complete with custom images.

  • Point Store

    • Students are now able to access a virtual point store and purchase the available store items

    • Teachers now have an interface into the point store management feature where they are able to add new items for students to buy, as well as manage the settings of their course’s point store

  • Copy Assessment Item

    • A new button now appears in the assessment item details section of the assessment item search page: “Copy”

    • Assessment item copies that are globally scoped will default to the first district associated with non-system admin users

    • Copying an assessment item will automatically redirect the user to the copied item’s edit page

  • CAs and SAs can now see the teacher instructions notes when previewing lessons.


  • Notification alerts on K4 interface now dismiss properly.

  • K4 student logout no longer redirects to /EL.

  • Ignore spacing and Ignore case settings load properly on the assessment item edit screen.

Edify Version 2.12.0

posted Feb 5, 2016, 2:16 PM by Kickstand Systems   [ updated Nov 11, 2016, 12:00 PM ]


  • Checklist Assessments

    • Added an “Are You Sure?” dialog box that pops up when a teacher “unchecks” a student’s row.

    • If the teacher selects no, the checkboxes and the data remain unchanged.

    • If the teacher selects yes, all checkboxes for that student will be unchecked and the data deleted.

  • Traditional Assessments

    • Added a prevent score view option to assessments to pair with the prevent results view. This allows the teacher to prevent the student from viewing their score upon completion of the assessment

    • This option can only be selected when prevent results view is also selected.

  • Public Profile

    • Added a profile page for public accounts. This profile is only viewable by the account itself and System Admins.

  • Fixes/Misc.

    • Assessment Usage Report now includes checklist assessments in addition to traditional assessments.

    • Fixed workflow on checklist assessment creation so the user returns to the assessment search page instead of the dashboard.

    • Fixed a bug that caused checklist assessment grading buttons to disappear after a student’s row was unchecked.

    • Fixed a bug that caused the thumbs up/down buttons of certain sized resources (images) to overlap with other elements on the page.

    • Fixed an issue with duplicate criterion being added when editing a rubric.

    • Optimized various pages that were running a bit slowly.

Edify Version 2.10.0

posted Feb 5, 2016, 2:16 PM by Kickstand Systems   [ updated Nov 11, 2016, 11:58 AM ]

New Features

    • Edify has migrated to the cloud!

    • Themes for EdifyK4 Interface

      • Students are now able to select from a listing of themes to augment the standard EdifyK4 interface

      • Certain theme assets can be unlocked by earning badges

    • Audio/Visual Rewards

      • Several sounds and sprite animations have been added to the interface to further gamify the user experience

    • Enhanced Point System

      • Several new badge types are available

      • We are now able to offer badges that trigger at daily and/or weekly intervals


    • Fixed issue on About Me section of the profile page

    • Completion dates now appear in the completed labels for lessons

    • Adjusted the TTS logic to allow for better iPad compatibility

    • TTS should now be available for secondary resources in the EdifyK4 interface

    • Fixed issue with TTS formatting on question bank imported assessment items

    • Master teachers can now edit teacher instructions on the edit lessons page

    • The reading log tab is now hidden on the traditional interface for the course page

    Edify Version 2.15.0

    posted Feb 5, 2016, 2:16 PM by Kickstand Systems   [ updated Nov 11, 2016, 12:02 PM ]


    • District User Grouping

      • Users can now be grouped into custom categories for use in searching and filtering.

    • Course Progress Calculation

      • The percentage displayed on a student's course is now indicative of their progress through lessons rather than through the date range of the course.

    • Enrollment Report

      • A new report is available which displays the listing of courses of which students are currently enrolled.


    • Student initial point display fix (NaN to zero).

    • Fixed common exception when calculating user points.

    • Corrected issue with mass overrides and sending notification emails.

    Edify Version 2.14.0

    posted Feb 5, 2016, 2:16 PM by Kickstand Systems   [ updated Nov 11, 2016, 12:02 PM ]


    • Course Enrollment

      • A new interface has been created to manage course enrollment.

      • The new page is accessible from the course management page.

    • Direct Instruction

      • An interface has been created to allow teachers to enter in the number of hours they spent in direct instruction for a student as a part of a course.

    • Teacher Support Role

      • A new role has been created to aide in teacher support.

      • These users can perform many tasks that master teachers and teaching assistant users normally handle.

    • Fixed issue when incorrect time stamps were appearing in various areas of the application.

    • Fixed message when a user can’t edit a lesson due to an invalid scope setting.

    • Fixed permissions issues for DAs editing districts.

    • Fixed issue with text-to-speech reading picture text with other assessment item content.

    • Added student usage report to Master Teacher, District Admin, and Teacher Support roles.

    • Teaching Assistant users can now perform assessment overrides.

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