Vegan Inari

The outline for this is to make a batch of sushi rice by steaming then drying it forcefully after the addition of some mirin sprinkled over the cooked hot rice. Sesame seeds and or poppy seeds can be added sparingly to the rice when "dried".

A batch of stir-fried vegetables such as yard-long beans, onions, garlic, coloured bell pepper , thinly sliced carrot and some basil. The addition of salt is your choice but not adding it allows your diners to add this to their own preference. The basil is added to the pan last and is really only heated to produce a noticeable wilting of the basil. A teaspoon of sugar to the pan contents enhances the basil flavour while the addition of a little chillie powder brings out another dimension.

Wrap some of the rice in the inari skins and lay them out on a serving platter. The vegetable stir-fry is served as a flavoursome side dish

  • Inari (Japanese tofu skins or wraps).
  • Rice, Japanese Jasmin preferably
  • Mirin (Available in Asian or Japanese grocery suppliers) {sweetened sake with a low alcohol level used for cooking}.
  • Poppy seeds,
  • sesame seeds, black.
  • Red bell pepper, essential colouring so if there is another coloured vegetable that you prefer that's a good call.
  • Chillie powder (optional).
  • Yard-long bean (suggested).
  • Onion (essential).
  • Carrot (essential).
  • Garlic (suggested).
  • Sugar
  • (salt)
  • Basil (Thai or European) {highly recommended}
  1. Outline given in introduction. No hard an fast method here as it depends on preferences. The vegetables listed are simply those that come to mind and vegetables i enjoy. Onion, Carrot and/or celery would be the only essential I think for the bouquet it produces in such stir fries. Less important if using basil in the mixture
  2. The rice and the vegetables are two separate dishes and served along-side to compliment.