Uyghur Roast Fish.

  • Fish
  • Xinjiang Spices
  • Salty water

  1. Cut the fish along the entire underside.
  2. Remove the internal organs and splay the fish into two halves but don't cut the fish dorsal edge through completely.
  3. Rub the fish surface with a little oil and sprinkle Xinjiang Spice mix on the fish.
  4. Use several wooden skewers to penetrate the fish horizontally, and then use a wooden skewer slightly longer than the fish to penetrate the fish vertically.
  5. Set the skewered fish vertically in a semi-circle around the flame. Roast the fish  over charcoal or wood.
  6. While they are roasting, sprinkle them with salty water, pepper, and other seasonings.
  7. When one side is done, turn them over to roast the other side.
  8. Then put the fish on a plate and eat  with the fingers.