Street Vendor Style Grilled Thai Bananas

  • Selection of bananas intended to grill.
  • Bamboo skewers soaked in clean water for 30 minutes prior to cooking the bananas. (This simply reduces the scorching/burning of the skewer during grilling.)
  • Dipping sauce.(options)
  •     Butterscotch
  •     Caramel
  •     Coconut Caramel.

  1. Skewer  each banana with a bamboo skewer along the long middle of each fruit.
  2. Place the bananas side by side and with a flat skillet or any other improvised solid flat metal utensil, squash the bananas until they're approximately 1 cm (1/2 in)thick.
  3. Lightly grease the BBQ griddle and place the skewered bananas on the grill.
  4. Turn the bananas periodically until heated through and slightly browned on the outside. Not to the point of being soft and falling off the skewer.
  5. Dip the fruit into the sauce and return them to the grill for another few minutes. This really accentuates the caramel flavour.
  6. Remove the fruit and dip them again in your selected sauce. 
  7. Lay them out on a platter and serve.