Spiral Pastry Curry Puff


Outer layer:
  •     770 ml (3¼ cup) flour
  •     3½ Tbsp margarine
  •     1/3 tsp salt
  •     ½ egg
  •     170 ml (~¾ cup) water
Inner Layer:
  •     240 ml (1 cup) flour
  •     4¼ Tbsp shortening


For Wrapping:

Outer layer:
  1. Boil margarine, water and salt.
  2. Pour into the flour.
  3. Add in egg.
  4. Knead well.
  5. Let dough rest for a while.
  6. Divide into 8 portions.

Inner layer:
  1. Mix flour and shortening together.
  2. Knead well and divide into 8 portions.
  3. Wrap inner layer with outer layer.
  4. Flatten it and then roll it up like a swiss roll.
  5. Repeat twice and then divide into 2 portions.
  6. With cut side on the table, roll dough into a circle and fill with a spoonful of curry filling.
  7. Wet the outer rim of circle and fold into half,
  8. Seal the edges.
  9. Puffs can be left to freeze and packed in ziploc bag when frozen. Store frozen until needed.
  10. To fry frozen curry puffs, start them in cold oil.
  11. Remove several ladles of hot oil as the puffs are slightly brown, turn heat on to the highest and fry puffs until brown. This way will ensure that the puffs will not be soggy.
  12. To fry the second batch, add in the slightly cool oil and put in the frozen puffs, frying the same way as described above
  13. Put fried puffs in 120ºC (250F) oven to keep warm.