Sembei (Japanese Rice Crackers)

  • 1-1/2 Cups mochiko (sweet rice flour) 
  • 3 tbsp Granulated sugar 
  • 2 tbsp Black sesame seeds 
  • 1 Cup hot water 
  • 1/4 Cup soy sauce 
  • 1/4 Cup mirin 

  1. Mix rice flour with sugar and add hot water. Knead to a dough.
  2. Roll the dough into balls and then steam.
  3. Knead the dough once more and roll into large coils.
  4. At this point, any integrated flavorings (here sesame seeds) are added.
  5. Roll out the flavored dough into thin sheets and then cut into any shape you desire (traditionally circular).
  6. Lay the cut dough on straw mats and dry in the sun.
  7. Season them with soy sauce and mirin blend.
  8. Grill the crackers.