Sashimi is easy


•    500g  (1 lb) very fresh *ocean fish (choose tuna, salmon, kingfish, ocean trout, snapper, whiting, bream or jewfish) 
•    Japanese soy sauce (for serving) 
•    wasabi (for serving) 
•    carrot, daikon and cucumber are suggested as garnish and side servings.

Clean fish and then use a VERY sharp flat blade knife to remove any skin. It is easier to buy freshly prepared fish fillets for this purpose from a monger (and some will be confident in preparing sashimi fillets for you).
Cut into thin, evenly sized slices, about 5mm (1/4in) thick and appropriate lengths.
Cut with an even motion towards you, taking care not to saw to produce smooth strips of fish. 
Arrange the sashimi pieces and the cucumber, carrot and daikon on a platter.
Serve with a bowl of Japanese soy sauce and some wasabi.

*(fresh-water fish have a significantly higher likelihood of carrying pathogens, particularly parasites and aren't recommended for sashimi)