Qing Zhou Xiao Cai 清粥小菜/ Xi Fan 稀飯 Rice Porridge with Side Dishes

( A recipe for Rice porridge is to follow. This listing gives some idea of the kinds of additions that can easily be used)

  • Chinese sausage, 
  • fermented tofu in chilli, 
  • dried Oriental radish (daikon), 
  • bamboo shoots in chilli oil, 
  • stewed peanuts, 
  • pickled young ginger, 
  • pickled celtuce stem
  • salty duck eggs
  • Anchovies with Peanuts 
  • Pickled Cucumber Salad.
  • any pickled vegetable
  • stewed wheat gluten
  • small fried fish with peanuts, 
  • canned eel, 
  • dried pork floss, 
  • fried egg, 
  • any stir fried vegetable