Prawns with black pepper corns, (Kung Phrik Thai Dam)


6 Medium sized prawns. (Could add some calamari rings as well or instead of)
Selection of fresh and dried mushrooms. (rehydrate by adding the mushrooms to hot water 30 minutes prior)
Medium sized red peppers.
Black or green pepper-corns on the stem.
Spring onions (Shallots)
Garlic: (4)
Oyster sauce.


Cut the mushrooms into bite sized pieces,
Leave the prawns skinned (or if you prefer take off the heads and leave just the tail skin).
Add a dash of oil to the wok and heat.
Crush the garlic and add to the wok (Just cook the garlic until translucent)
Quickly stir fry the prawns until pink
Add the shallots and pepper-corns.
Add the length sliced red-peppers.

Stir fry and add a sploosh of the oyster sauce for the last 30 seconds.