Pork and Leek Jiaozi

Ingredients: (makes ~ 100 Jiaozi)
  • 1 pkt of round Chinese dumpling skins (be sure it is Chinese Dumpling skins and not Wonton skins). 
  • 750 gm (~1.5 lbs) mix of lean and fatty ground pork 
  • 1000  to 1250 ml (4-5 cups) of chopped Chinese Leeks 1 cup of chopped Napa cabbage
  • 3 tbsp of corn starch
  • 2 tbsp soy sauce.
  • ground pepper

  1. Mix up your lean and fatty ground pork in a large mixing bowl. 
  2. Chop Chinese Leeks and Napa Cabbage to about 1/4 inch pieces and mix in with the meat. Add 3 tbsp of corn starch, salt and ground pepper to the mix. Stir until well mixed. Since the leeks will soften and reduce in size during cooking, you’ll want a higher proportion of leeks in this mixture. Add more if necessary.
  3. Folding your Jiaozi Chinese Dumplings
  4. The following is just a recommendation on how to fold your Chinese dumpling jiaozi. 
  5. First fill the Chinese dumpling wrapper with about a teaspoon of stuffing, then taking your index finger brush a small amount of warm water just on the far edge of the wrapper opposite of you. 
  6. Gently fold the Chinese dumpling wrapper over with your fingers and seal to finish. To make a fancy edge, you can double fold over and then press to the wet edge of the Chinese dumpling wrapper. 
  7. Cooking your Jiaozi Chinese Dumplings
  8. As I mentioned before Chinese Dumplings are very versatile in Northern Chinese cooking. You can simply steam your jiaozi or boil them with noodles. Chinese dumplings are also great pan fried like potstickers.
  9. Chinese Dumpling Jiaozi Soup:
  10. Add a quart of water to a saucepan and bring to a boil. Add your Jiaozi into the boiling water. When the Chinese Dumplings float they’re ready. Drain and set aside. (at this point you can pan fry them if you want to go that route – they can be eaten with soy sauce/white vinegar mixutre or hot sauce). To make a Chinese Dumpling soup, boil a few quarts of chicken or vegetable stock. Add Napa cabbage, mushrooms.  Mix in your dumplings. Season with soy sauce, sesame oil, raw chopped scallions.