Petisqueira: Pig's Ear Salad


  • 3 Whole star anise
  • 5 cm (2-in) of sliced fresh ginger
  • 240 ml (1 cup) Raw carrots cut in thin strips
  • 1 Cucumber (peeled, seeded and cut in slices)
  • 2 Green onions (tops only)
  • 120 ml (1/2 cup) Plum Sauce or Mango Chutney
  • Salt and freshly ground pepper
  • Lemon juice to taste
  • Lettuce leaves
  • Toasted sesame seeds


The Ears:
  1. Remove any hairs on the ears by singeing over an open flame or by plucking. 
  2. Scrub well (using a vegetable brush if desired) and then sprinkle with salt, rubbing it into the skin. Rinse well with cool water; pat dry. 
  3. Remove any excess fat.
  4. Parboil in salted water (1 teaspoon salt for each quart water) for 5 minutes. 
  5. Drain, discarding water. This step serves the purpose of ridding the meat of running blood as well as clinging meat, fat or bone residue.

  1. Return ears to pot with water to cover, star anise and ginger. Bring to a boil, reduce heat, cover and simmer for 45 minutes, or until ears are tender. 
  2. Remove ears, let cool and chill. 
  3. Cut into thin strips (1/8 inch).
  4. Cut Green Onion tops, slivered lengthwise and into 2-in julienne. 
  5. Combine pigs ears, carrots, cucumbers and onions and toss lightly with plum sauce. 
  6. Season with salt and pepper and a little fresh lemon juice if a slightly tart flavor is desired. 
  7. Serve on crisp lettuce and sprinkle with sesame seeds.