Open Rice-paper Salad Rolls

  • Vietnamese rice paper skin/ fresh popiah skin
  • Alfafa sprouts
  • Thinly shredded red/white cabbage and carrots
  • Snow pea shoots
  • Taiwanese mayonnaise
  • Finely crushed fresh roasted peanuts with sugar ( ~ 3 heaped tablespoons sugar to a bowl of peanuts)
  1. Wet the vietnamese rice paper skin and lay flat on a plate. No wetting required using popiah skin.
  2. Layer:
  3. alfafa sprouts
  4. thinly shredded red/white cabbage and carrot
  5. liberal amount of Taiwanese mayonnaise
  6. liberal sprinkle of crushed peanuts with sugar
  7. snow pea sprouts
  8. Roll up tightly as per a spring roll leaving one end open.