Onde-onde (Sweet Glutinous Rice Balls)


  • 350 gms Glutinous Rice Flour, 
  • 100 gms Corn Flour or Tapioca Flour, 
  • 30gms Sugar, 
  • ½ teaspoon Salt, 
  • ½ cup Pandan Juice Concentrate, 
  • 1 teaspoon Oil, 
  • Water, enough for the dough, to be added slowly


  • Coconut, grated, 1 coconut, add a little salt


  • 150gms Gula Melaka (or palm sugar), 
  • 50 gms Brown Sugar, 
  • Mix both fillings together.

  1. Mix tapioca flour, oil, sugar and salt in 250ml of water. Bring to a boil to make a gluey mixture. Stir this often so that clumps will not form. 
  2. Pour this over the glutinous rice flour and stir the mixture quickly. Add pandan juice. Make sure the dough is well mix. If it is too sticky to work on; add some more glutinous rice flour. 
  3. Make the dough into ball around 3cm in diameter and then put in the fillings. Roll the ball until it is round and smooth. Put the onde-onde ball in boiling water for around 1 minute. When the ball floats up, remove it and coat with the grated coconut.