Mango Pulp Leather

Ingredients :
  • Ripe mangoes, 7 (the final flavour depends on the type of mango used and the ripeness of the fruit. I suggest a fruit with a definite but not over-powering tartness for this recipe.
  • Sugar, 2 cups
Method :
  1. Peel the mangoes, remove the flesh from the mango stone and cut into small pieces. Homogenise the mango pieces to a smooth paste without adding water. Keep aside. 
  2. To prepare the sugar syrup add one cup of water to sugar and place over the flame. Heat the mix to make a thick syrup of 3 thread consistency. (To test the sugar syrup, place a drop on the plate. The drop should remain as it is i.e., it should not spread). 
  3. Remove the syrup from the heat and pour over the mango pulp. Mix very well. 
  4. Pour onto a plastic sheet and let it dry in the sunlight. Once they are dried remove from the sheet and form into layers or roll each into a tight tube.