Kamrupi Biriyani and Fried Vegetables. {Bhutan}


3 cups Rice (long grain)                                       
100-200 grams Green peas                             
1/2 tsp Turmeric powder             
8 pods Green cardamon                                     
4 pods Black cardamon                                        
10-15 whole Cloves                                   
4 inch piece Ginger                                      
2 heads Garlic                                       
1 bunch Coriander                           
4 breasts Chicken                                        
20 whole Cashews                            
5 small Eggplant                                          
4 parboiled Potato                                     
1 Large Onion (sliced lengthwise)   

Oil vegetable cooking only

1.    Cook the rice
Note: This process of cooking the two batches of rice is to control the cooking and flavour absorbed by the Cashews. The cashew would take on the turmeric flavour preferentially and alter the cashew flavour itself something we don't want to do.

    (a) 2 ¼ cups of the rice as white rice
            - add a little oil (1-2 tsp)
            - crush the 4 green and 2 two black cardamom pods and add to the rice         
            - add cashews (divided into the two sections)
            - add water as appropriate, boil the rice
            - take the cooked rice off the heat and transfer to a plate

    (b) ¾ cup of rice as yellow rice;
            - add a little oil (1 tsp)
            - add 4 whole cloves
            - add water as appropriate
            - add the 1/4 tsp turmeric
            - remove the cooked rice and transfer to a plate when cooked.

   Now mix the two cooked rice types to together
   and then divide the mixture into two portions (1/4 and 3/4).  Put aside.

2. Preparation of ingredients:
                take the bunch of green coriander;
                     - cut into half lengthwise
                     - one half from root cut into one inch pieces
                     - other half cut into one and a half inch pieces
                      - keep the prepared heads and stems separate.

    Homogenise the ginger in a pestel and mortar or with a blender.

    Homogenise the garlic. Most easily done by smashing it with the side of a cleaver then placing into a mortar and             grinding it with the pestel.

    smash green (4) and black (2) cardamom together

 Don't mix any of these ingredients together.

    Section the onion from top to bottom in eight segments

3. Preparation of Peas:
        fry 100-200 grams peas in little oil
            - no additional ingredients needed

4. Preparation of Vegetable:
        eggplant and small head broccoli;
            - cut broccoli lengthwise into bite size pieces
            - cut eggplant into bite size pieces

        choose medium size potato;
            - wash and cut into bite size (lengthwise), boil
              and peel the skin

Put oil in a frying pan (little more), warm up the oil, put onion, five whole cloves, half the tops of the corriander, 1/4 of the pounded ginger, 1/2 of the pounded garlic and 1/2 of the mixed pounded cardamon fry until onion is translucent.  Now put the prepared eggplant and broccoli stir and cover until done. 

  Remove the contents from the pan or wok and add the potatoes to the remaining oil fry with stirring. If extra oil is needed add minimum quantities and complete the cooking of the potato.

Add the previously cooked vegetable mix (eggplant, broccoli and onion)and stir carefully.  Cover for a minute or so on a low flame.  The vegetables are now done.

5. Preparation of Kamrupi Biriyani:
    (l) choose  chicken with skin (Important);
            - slightly char the skin over flame to seal the chicken. This can be done on a grill or BBQ. It can also be done in a hot pan with a little oil while turning the chicken continuously to seal the surface.
            - now cut the chicken into 2 inch pieces
            - take half of each of the ginger, garlic and cardamom mix
              And paint it onto the chicken
            - put oil in a large frying pan and heat
            - put 1/4 onion and the remainder of the coriander tops in the oil and fry until onion is caramelised (reddish-yellow).
            - put coated chicken and five cloves into the pan and, fry accordingly (cover to cook well) on relatively low flame (important) add salt accordingly before covering
            - when chicken is almost cooked, just before 2-3 minutes or so, add 1/4 of the pounded ginger half of the coriander stems, and the fried peas.
            - on a low flame place 3/4 rice into the pan chicken and mix
            - cover for a while (this is Kamrupi Biriyani, ready to serve)