Japanese Berkshire Hot Pot 日本バークシャー鍋

  • 600g of Thin sliced Berkshire shoulder
  • Half a head of Chinese cabbage, One bunch of spinach or two to three bunches of cresson chopped bite sized
  • Enoki mushroom or your favourite mushroom
  • Water
  • Sea salt
  • Ponzu (dipping sauce)
  • Steamed rice or Udon noodle (optional)
  1. In a clay pot boil water and small amount of sea salt. (The pot is a “Donabe”, and found Japanese  stores, or Chinese cookware store.)
  2. Put the Berkshire slices into the boiling water, along with vegetables and mushrooms
  3. Cook until everything is cooked
  4. Enjoy with Ponzu
  5. In the remaining broth cook udon or rice noodle
  6. Season with sea salt, pepper, ponzu if necessary