Htaw Hbut Dhi Yea Kare Mot (Avocado Ice-cream)


250 ml (½ pint ~ 2 cups) of thick cream
15 ml (1 tbsp) fresh lime juice
120 ml (½ cup) sugar
375 ml (¾ pint ~ 3 cups) of milk
3 ripe avocados


Remove the avocado flesh and homogenise in a blender. Add the milk and pulse the blender to mix the content and liquefy the avocado.
Pour the contents into a bowl, add the sugar and lime juice followed by the cream. Mix well until light and  creamy.
From here either place into a commercial ice-cream maker and follow the manufacturers instructions or place into an ice-cream tray and begin the process of freezing, removing the tray every thirty minutes and mixing until the ice-cream is set. The more thoroughly this is performed the less icy the ice-cream will be.