Green Peas Curry(Vatanya Bhaji)


1 lb (~500  gm) shelled fresh green peas
2  potatoes cubed
1  teaspoon (5 ml) cumin seeds
4  green chillies finely chopped
½  teaspoon (2.5 ml) each of sugar and turmeric powder
½  cup (120 ml) water
2  tablespoons (30 ml) oil
1  tablespoon  (15 ml) each of grated coconut and lemon juice
2  tablespoons (30 ml) finely chopped coriander leaves


1. Heat the oil in a heavy-bottomed pan on medium level and roast the cumin seeds. Add the green chillies and turmeric powder.
2. Now add the potato cubes, green peas, sugar, salt and water. Mix well and cook covered on low level for about 15  minutes or until the potatoes and peas are tender.
Add  lemon juice and garnish with grated coconut and chopped fresh coriander.
The addition of tomato puree will thicken the gravy.

Serve hot with: Cumin Rice (Jeera Chawal) , white rice or Indian bread (Chapati, Pooris, Roti).