Fried Garlic: a garnish


Crush an amount of garlic cloves by placing them ona board and then the broad side of a cleaver over the garlic and simply giving it a whack with your other hand. This will splay and flatten the cloves. Now chop the crushed garlic coarsely. There isn't any need to remove the final skin from the cloves as they become cooked and invisible in the process.


Heat about  a cup of oil in a wok, test for correct temprature by dropping in a small piece of chopped garlic in, if it sizzles it's hot enough,  add the rest of your garlic stirring continuously until it turns golden brown, remove and leave to drain and cool.
Be careful as this all happens quite quickly, so it is easy to burn if you don't watch it continuously.

The cooked garlic can then be turned onto paper towels to absorb any residual cooking oil and served dry in a small bowl or it may be added to an amount of quality vegetable oil to be used for such dishes as rice porridge.

Fried dried garlic is also commercially available in small user packets to caterer's size. Hard to beat this and would most definitely consider it as the first preference compared to making it.