Fried Bacalhau (codfish cakes) 炸馬介休球

  • 250 gm (~1/2 lb) Bacalhau (Salted Cod Fish)
  • 500 gm (~1lb)  potato
  • 1 green onion
  • 1 tbsp Sugar
  • 1 tbsp white pepper
  • 1 egg

  1. Soak the bacalhau in water for 2–3 hours to soften and dilute the salt. 
  2. When softened, remove skin and bone. 
  3. Place the bacalhau meat in a bag and pound on it until the bacalhau become silk-like.
  4. Boil the Potato; then remove the skin and mash. 
  5. Dice the green onion and scramble the egg.
  6. Mix the ingredients together. 
  7. Use a table spoon to shape the bacalhau mixture into oval shapes 
  8. deep fry the bacalhau cakes over medium heat until golden.