Crab Fried Rice (Khao Phad Phu)

Ingredients other than some crab meat and rice is not important. Onion type vegetables are always good with rice as a savoury element. The addition of a little butter to the oil in the wok is also a flavour enhancer. The oil type is purely a convenience aspect and because it's the crab that is the main flavourant the oil type as a flavour is not important.  
A little oil and a small amount of butter into a wok.  
Heat and add some crushed garlic, sliced shallots, some chopped yard beans, a bit of diced onion a little crushed ginger. Stir fry these ingredients until the onion becomes translucent or slightly golden.  
Add some frozen shrimp and some crab meat. Canned crabmeat is fine. The flavour is the object so the amount of crab meat is of secondary importance. A tablespoon with a final 4 cups of pre-steamed rice is adequate. Stir for 30 seconds.  
Add the 4 cups of pre-cooked steamed rice. Add some ground pepper.  
Raise the heat of the wok and stir the contents continuously until the rice gets to an appropriate temp. Usually 3 to 4 minutes or shows the early colour change to a very slight golden colour. Keep stirring for another minute or two.  
Add a dash of light soy. Fold the rice. Transfer the fried rice into a serving dish.  
The addition of diced/ground meat such as chicken or pork blends well with this dish.
Another option is to add a tablespoon of Green Curry paste to the wok before the additon of the rice and disperse it with a tables spoon of coconut mlk or a little oil. This  works well if you have stored some excess green Curry paste in your deep freeze.