Chinese Crisp Shallot Garnish 脆葱配菜


500 gm shallots
3 -4 tbsp cooking oil


Wash and remove the loose skin of the shallots while wet. Top and tail the corms.
Shake the shallots dry.
Slice the shallots finely
Heat the oil in a wok over moderate heat. Test with cumin seed for sputtering.
Add the shallots and stir fry mixing continuously until browned.
Transfer the cooked shallots onto a paper lined plate and shake to maximise the oil removal as soon as transferred. Do this thoroughly (a little like winowing rice.)
When thoroughly cooled, transfer the dried crispy shallots into a jar with some coarse rock salt added to the bottom. (This will keep the contents dry and crisp and not add too much salt to the flavour.).
The shallots can be used as a crunchy topping for almost any garnish.
The recovered oil is extremely flavoursome and is used for further cooking as a valuable resource.