Chicken Curd Kebab


•    Boneless chicken slice 300 gm
•    Powdered pulse ½ cup
•    Sour curd ½ cup
•    Cheese slice ½ cup
•    Black pepper powder 1 tea spoon
•    Oil 1 tea spoon
•    Salt ½ tea spoon
•    bamboo or wooden single use skewers as required


1.    Marinate the chicken with powdered pulse, sour curd, cheese slice, black pepper powder and salt, keep it for 15-20         minutes.
2.    Skewer the slices on a stick (not more than 15 slices on one)
3.    Fry in a light cooking oil at a minimum effective temperature for 6-7 minutes or over a well settled charcoal ember             bed. It should be only slightly charred at the end of the cooking.
4.    Serve with any appropriate sauce.