Banh Bao. (Vietnamese Steamed Buns)

The bread dough:  
150g sugar,  
1kg white plain flour,  
30g dried yeast and water.  
Mix this in a bowl by hand.  
Prepare the filling:  
Soak 5 perfumed mushrooms ,  
5 black mushrooms.  
100g of fine rice vermicelli. All in hot water until softened.  
Drain the mushrooms and vermicelli.  
Chop the mushrooms finely and cut the vermicelli in bits of a cm long.  
Boil quail eggs for 5 minutes.  
Mix 100g of lean pork meat finely ground,  
250g of fat pork meat coarselly ground,  
one chinese sausage sliced (40g),  
chopped mushrooms  
Black pepper & salt to season,  
Take a piece of dough, by cutting a piece out, (typically a golf ball size when rolled up. Flatten it down with your hand on a hard surface. Roll the dough out thin as a circle.)  
add a spoon of filling and 1 or 2 hard boiled quail eggs.  
Seal the dough and put on a piece of paper. Wait at least 1h for the dough to raise.  
 Steam the buns for approximately 20-30 minutes (it depends on the size of the buns, of course). Banh bao freeze really well so you can prepare a big batch at a time