Ua No Mai (Stuffed Bamboo Shoots)

5 Bamboo shoots (as mentioned above)
7 (small) shallots, pounded
1 piece of pork, including some fat, the size of the palm of a hand, minced
2 eggs
salt and fish sauce
flour (about 2 tbsp)
ground black pepper
chopped spring onion leaves
pork fat


Mix together in a large bowl the minced pork, the pounded shallots, ground black pepper and I tablespoonful of the flour. Mix all this thoroughly. Add salt, fish sauce and some of the chopped spring onions. Adjustments on taste or vision are well made at this point.
Stuff the mixture into the slit-open bamboo shoots and wrap these in pieces of banana leaf as you would in making a kanab. Use a bamboo holder to grill the packages until they are cooked, then open up the banana leaf coverings and leave the contents to cool.
Heat some pork fat in a wok. Beat the eggs in a bowl with salt and some flour mixed in. Dip the cooked bamboo shoots in the egg mixture and fry them in the hot fat until they are nice and golden. Place them on a platter to serve.