Pretty Perfect Portobello Burgers

Serves 2

2 tbsp store-bought pesto (or use freshly made, if you can!)
1/4 cup real mayo, or slightly more
2 sourdough, multi-grain or ciabatta rolls, split horizontally (or any other fresh rolls, but not the too-soft & thin Wonder hamburger buns)
2 portobello mushrooms, stemmed and dark gills scraped out
Olive oil
2 slices provolone cheese (or any other sliced cheese of your choice, provided that it melts well)
Slices of roasted red peppers from a jar
2 cups arugula or baby spinach (or both)


1. Get all your ingredients ready. Mix together the pesto and mayo and set aside. Take out two large pieces of roasted red peppers from the jar, and pat dry between paper towels.

2. Heat up your stove-top grill pan or skillet. Brush the portobellos on both sides with olive oil and place them on the grill, cap-side down, for 4 mins. Then turn them over to the other side for another 4 mins. In the last min, cover the caps with one slice each of the cheese - so that it melts gently over the mushrooms.

3. Toast the buns, cut-side down, on the same grill pan for 2 mins.

4. Assemble: Slather both sides of each bun with the pesto-mayo. Place the portobello with melted cheese on the bottom half of a bun. Layer on the roasted red peppers. Pile on the arugula/spinach. Then cover with the top half of your bun. Serve immediately with your favorite type of oven-fries - Oreida's Seasoned Crinkle Cut Fries would be my personal choice.