About us

Edible Public Space is an experimental project of urban food growing in public space in Leeds (UK).

In particular, Edible Public Space is based on the assumption that urban agriculture can contribute to spatial quality by:

-        providing resources for cheap healthy food allocation, particularly within disadvantaged neighbourhoods;

-        bringing back an essential elements of life (food growing) at the core of the urban experience

-        reducing food miles/ food carbon footprints, hence improving urban sustainability and helping to tackle climate change

-        redefining the criteria for urban aesthetics and the social functions of public space.

The group members have been involved in designing, promoting or delivering several initiatives and projects such as Tinwolf/Landshare, Make Pla(y)ce, Garden 2 Eat, Headingley Community Orchards, Leeds Urban Harvest, Edible City, Urbal Institute, etc. We are advocating or directly trying to implement food growing projects in urban areas, produce share, community building and forms of reconstruction of the Commons.

We are also experimenting forms of learning from practice and therefore taking this opportunity to explore the possibility of consolidating the group into an action-research consultancy agency for policy makers, to further enhance food growing in urban public space.

The project benefits of a small funding from SPINDUS (acronym for Spatial Innovation, Planning, Design and User Involvement), a research project of the Spatial Planning Department at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium), in partnership with the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape (Newcastle University, UK) and the ITER Research Institute, (Napoli, Italy). SPINDUS is funded by the Flemish Government and aims to develop innovative spatial planning tools and improve urban space quality, by involving different civil society groups into the research. By funding Edible Public Space  Spindus is looking for tips on how urban space could accommodate urban food growing.

Edible Public Space is coordinated by Chiara Tornaghi (researcher and activist) and John Preston (West Yorkshire BTCV manager), formally signatories of the Spindus project contractual agreement. BTCV (former British Trust for Conservation Volunteers) acts as grant holder and group host.
Contacts:  Chiara: chiara.tornaghi@gmail.com ; John: j.preston@btcv.org.uk

More info on SPINDUS: http://www.ncl.ac.uk/guru/research/project/3180  or www.spindus.org.