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The Aeon themes are all based on SphereGnome, which was created by Ken Lynch back when Firefox was named Phoenix. Scribblies Brite and Scribblies Kids are themes that Ken also created way back then. Ken's page is here. He appreciates visitors.

The Themes are collected on Mozilla Update (Mozilla Add-Ons)


You can get them here 

This page is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

1. I am using Firefox 2.0. I have installed your theme. Why can't I get it to appear?   

Once you have installed the theme you must tell Firefox to use the theme. This means go to the Menu bar at the top of the window. 

Click on Tools to make the Tools menu drop down. 

Select Add-ons.  

Pick the Themes tab. 

You will see the Themes Manager window.

Select your theme, then click on the Use Theme button

Now close and restart the browser. It should now be using the theme you have selected. 

2. I can't see the list of the places I have visited!

This is the "dropdown history" of the webpages you have visited. In order to see these, just right-click on the Forward or Back arrows on the main toolbar. 

Why not have a little thingy (technically known as a "doohickey") hanging off the Forward and Back arrows?  Well, Ken Lynch (the original designer of SphereGnome and the Scribblies themes) didn't like those things, and I agree. In fact, the main arrow icons are much larger targets than the little doohickeys, and you rarely miss them.

3. I have installed my theme in Firefox and it does not appear on the theme list.

This usually means that you received a bad download from Mozilla Add-Ons. Try again later. Also, see question 9.

4. Why are the icons so big? And why Big and Jumbo versions?

I'm an old guy, and bigger icons are easier to see.  

Oh yes: You can choose the small icons set.  Just right-click on the Home button and select Customize from the context menu. Click on the little box that says "Use small icons" and you will get the smaller icon set.

5. Are you going to make a version for Thunderbird?

No. I actually have a life outside of coding. However, if you want to make a version of one or more of these themes for Thunderbird or any other application, let me know. I'll be glad to help you out with the sources of the images used for these themes, advice, etc. 

6. I am using Firefox 1.5 I have installed your theme. Why can't I get it to appear?   

The current themes are not compatible with Firefox before 2.0.

The earlier versions of Firefox are insecure. Please update to Firefox 2.0. It is much much better than 1.0 and 1.5.

7. Your theme crashes my browser! I can't uninstall your theme. Your theme does other bad things to my browser. 

This is usually due to a bad extensions.rdf file. 

The extensions.rdf file is a file Firefox creates to keeps track of add-ons like extensions and themes. When it goes bad, it makes puzzling problems.

The fix is to delete the file. Firefox will rebuild the file if it is missing. This fixes many mysterious problems.

Two ways to delete extensions.rdf:

 a. Install the MR Tech Local install extension (find it here). Close and restart your browser. Look in the Help dropdown menu. You will see at the top a menu item: "Repair Extensions/Themes list". Click on it, and close the browser. When it restarts, your problems should be fixed.

b. If you don't want to install a complicated extension to fix a simple problem, you can manually delete the file. First of all, find your profile (instructions here). Go into your profile and delete extensions.rdf. Close and restart your browser. Your problems should be fixed.

8. My Mail button is gone. How do I get it back?

The Mail button was removed from Firefox 2. If you want it back you will need an extension. Try the Get Mail extension, available here from Mozilla Update.

Install the theme, close and restart Firefox. 

If the button does not show up where it was in Firefox 1.5, open the Customize Toolbars window. You do that by right-clicking on one of the menu bar or main toolbar buttons (but not the Back or Forward buttons), then selecting the Customize item from the context menu. You can drag the mail button to wherever you want.

9. How do I remove a theme?

Go to Tools > Add-ons > Themes.

Select the theme you want to use - probably Firefox (default).

Click on the Use Theme button.

Close and restart your browser.

10. I have a Mac. How do I install a theme from a file?

Type in your url (address) bar:


Right-click in an empty space.

In the context menu, choose New > Boolean

in the data entry space, put in


Set it to False.

Restart Firefox. You now will have an Install button in your Add-ons window that you can use to install themes.

11. I have a different problem.

OK. So write me at edhume@gmail.com. I generally read my e-mail each night, and I answer all the questions you send me. 

And please please please tell me about any bugs you find.