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UG2GO From Home

To log into UG2GO from home or any non-UGDSB network, you will need to verify that you are a student/staff member by entering your school computer user id and password on the UG2GO landing page.

Click here ---> Go To UG2GO

Some Tips on Using the Research Databases

 These include:
Literary Reference Centre
Science Reference Centre
Student Research Centre
Canadian Points of View
  These include:
Literature Resource Centre
Science in Context
Gale Power Search
Canada in Context

  Bells and Whistles:
You can easily create your own account. The same user id and password gets you into your account on all EBSCO databases. This allows you to save articles in a "folder" for later use and these folders can even be shared with other EBSCO host account holders. An excellent tool for ongoing research! Articles can be printed, saved or emailed. 

No citation formating tools on these databases. You'll need to use Noodletools (also on UG2GO under the "Write" tab) or another formating tool.
Bells and Whistles:
These databases DO NOT allow you to create a permanent account and are not consistent in terms of the tools available. However, you can print, bookmark, download, email or share articles via social media such as Twitter or Facebook, etc. 

 Audio Files:
These can be played back or downloaded for later use.

Include an excellent citation tool which will format entries in MLA Works Cited or APA References style and allow you to download and copy them.