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Angela Thomas EdTech Bootcamp

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Mariana Mitova EdTech Bootcamp

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  Kelly Anne Kozlowski EdTech Bootcamp

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Amanda Muhammad EdTech Bootcamp

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Matt Laurent EdTech Bootcamp

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Brian McCullough EdTech Bootcamp 

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Dr. Tim Murnen "Whats Working"

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Dr. Jodi Haney "Whats Working"

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Dr. Mary-Jon Ludy "Whats Working"

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Angela Thomas overviews the transition of a university level Language Arts classroom from the traditional style into a "flipped" classroom. Thomas details some of the pros and cons of this transition and explains the effect of the end product in the classroom.

Mariana Mitova summarizes the transition from a traditional classroom towards online-based through the use of web and video creation tools. Mitova explains the changes that have occurred through the class's transition, as well as pros and cons of the new instructional practices.

Kelly Anne Kozlowski explains the transition from a traditional face to face classroom towards online-based instruction. Specifically, Kozlowski summarizes use of an online course shell for meaningful, effective instruction and class organization.

Amanda Muhammad overviews the incorporation of technology and new tools into the traditional classroom to improve instructional methods. Muhammad explains how social networking and other web tools provide opportunities to improve classroom instructional practices.

Matt Laurent presents a guide to incorporating technology and online course shells into the classroom. Laurent  overviews importance of online information sharing and use of web tools for collaboration.

Brian McCullough overviews the switch to a "flipped" classroom at the university level. McCullough compares the efficiency and effectiveness of "flipped" classrooms compared to the traditional model.

Dr. Tim Murnen explains his inclusion of technology into the classroom. His work includes use of iPads, use of online instruction, and creation of a course shell to assist in class organization.

Dr. Jodi Haney explains the benefits of iPad use inside the classroom as well as outside learning environments. Haney highlights several helpful apps pertaining to Education, as well as the content are of Science. 

Dr. Mary-Jon Ludy discusses incorporation of active learning within 21st century classrooms. As an educator, Ludy reveals some of her personal practices, as well as discussing the key ideas to consider when striving for a more active learning environment.