Guernsey it's a wonderful island. It's wonderful because in few square meters you can enjoy a variety of different panoramas. You can walk on the cliffs in the South. You can walk on large sandy beaches on the West. You can take the sun at Pembroke Bay in the North. But you can also walk through quite country lanes, the “green lanes” as they are called, where the traffic is reduced to a minimum and you can enjoy the silence. You can admire the beautiful cottages, the gardens, the flowers and the panorama on a distance. If you miss your shopping you can have a walk along the High Street of St Peter Port, the main town. Along the High Street you can do your shopping, along the harbour you can find good pubs & restaurants, you can walk to Castle Corner and the lighthouse along the water-breaker.
Guernsey has just the right side to be visited walking, or sometimes taking a bus when you are tired. The sea is very beautiful there and the light is special. 
People are friendly, nice, quiet and polite. The island is very safe, the sea makes the island wonderful. There are interesting monuments to see, some of them quite unusual, like the Little Chapel, a work of love and art. There is history. From the old Martello Towers to the German fortifications. The memory of the IIWW invasion is strong the island.
There is literature and art at Victor Hugo's House.
From spring to autumn the sun is shining most of the times, and the days are mild in winter. And then when you want Sark and Herm are very little away and from St Peter Port the boat runs daily there, weather permitting.
Local products are the pride of Guernsey. Milk, butter, ice cream, potatoes and many many vegetables you can find easily on sell in the honesty boxes just in front of many houses when you walk in the country. I tried to describe all this in this website. You can read it as a support for planning a trip there, or you can read my blog more like a travel book. You maybe have never heard of Guernsey before, now you know this beautiful island exists and if you want to explore it, you can just watch my videos. Have fun!