Budget Overview

Each year a new budget is created to support the needs of the EWPA activities based on the total dues billed, which is $16,776. 

There are two budgets: Operating and Reserve.

The Operating Budget contains the line items that are required for the EWPA to meet its basic legal responsibilities, annually prioritized/needed expenses, and additional expenditures listed below.

Basic Legal Responsibilities:

Waste Water Charge


Corporate Renewal


CPA Fees


Financial Review




PO Box, Postage, Printing


Dues Tracking & Collection




Prioritized Responsibilities:

Tree Removal/Trimming


Trail Maintenance/Upkeep


Contingency Reserve




Total for Basic & Priority Items = $10,120/Year

*Additional items are listed on the Annual ‘Operating Budget’ but they have a lower priority than those listed above. They include: Forest Stewardship, Work Party Expenses, Common Area Amenities, Annual Meeting Expenses, New Neighbor ‘Welcome Packet’, and Neighborhood Signs. These ‘additional items’ generally total $2000 to $4000 per year depending on the available budget.

The Reserve Budget addresses longer term expenditures. For 2017, the EWPA budgeted for Legal Expenses, Surveyor Fees, and a Bridge Replacement. The surveyor fees were carried over from the 2016 budget.

Items in the Reserve Budget are scheduled based on decided priority. The below chart includes items the EWPA has proposed in our 5 year projected budget but is subject to change as priorities shift. Certain items listed in the Long Term budget are more ‘essential’ and further postponement of work could increase safety risk or liability concerns for the EWPA.

Certain items listed in the Reserve Budget are

1-5 Year Major Expense Items:





 Lochmoor Bridge*


 Trail Constr/Replacement


 Trail Head Work


 Common Area Amenities




Total for Major Expense/Reserve Items = $6,800/Year

* Estimated costs for Lochmoor Bridge & Legal Estimates have increased since the budget was adopted due to new information provided.

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