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President's Message

Edgewood West Park Association is a special place to live — located in south Eugene, our neighborhood is characterized by tall trees, wide streets with sidewalks on a single side of the street, and the well maintained EWPA trail system, which provides a safe and peaceful means of walking the neighborhood.

The EWPA Board is tasked with maintaining the common areas in accordance with the EWPA By-Laws and Amended Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions that homeowners receive when purchasing a home. Often, these documents are overlooked or are not understood, since they simply provided as a part of the paperwork that homebuyers receive from realtors. 

If you have misplaced your copy, or would like to view an online copy, click here to view them on the Documents page of this web site. Take a moment to read through the Amended Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions document, as it contains established policies to keep our neighborhood an enjoyable place to live and applies to all properties within the EWPA HOA. We encourage all residents to adhere to these policies so that everyone will continue to enjoy this very special place.

In addition, the Board is working to make our little HOA a more connected and welcoming place to live. This includes everything from our "Welcome Wagon 2.0" to doing more to connect people to resources within our community, whether they be related to our fledgling social media efforts on Facebook, our official Neighborhood Association (SHiNA), monitoring development and traffic concerns, or just lending a helping hand to a neighbor.

Out for a walk? See a new face or even an old one? Stop and say hello. Building a sense of community, and rejuvenating that neighborhood feeling of years past, is vital to the well-being of a safe and healthy neighborhood.

Lynn Lary
President, EWPA