EDGE of Life

Welcome to EDGE of Life
 Artificial Life project in Second Life

EDGE of Life is an Artificial Life project in Second Life founded and managed by Davide Carnovale and Dr Erica Wright - in Second Life Davide Byron and Venus Jervil.

EDGE of Life has developed from the EWG Standard AL scripting work of Davide Byron, in collaboration with talented creature makers such as Mealea Ying. These Artificial Lifeforms populated ecosytems across Second Life, and were notably featured at the SL6B event.

In March 2010 Davide Carnovale (Davide Byron), who had previously been involved with AL projects at locations such as Second Nature 3 and Envirtech Artificial Life Lab, began the Edge of Life Ecosystem on Education UK Island with Dr Erica Wright (Venus Jervil), an Art/Science crossover expert specialising in evolutionary design.

Together they engaged with the painstaking process of creating a new home for the digital organisms.

Adapting the digital organisms to fit the challenges presented by this new environmental niche has allowed evolutionary change that is seen in new creatures and plants, as well as change to the existing lifeforms, in terms of their appearance, function and behaviours.

EDGE of Life creatures and plants currently populate a number of ecosystems across Second Life, as well as them being on show at EDGE of Life Ecosystem at Education UK island.

The developments and discoveries brought about by the evolutionary processes affecting members of the ecosystem form the core research aspects of this project. Accounts of the research projects being undertaken in response to the Artificial Life forms and their evolutions are underway, and will be published in due course.

Since our initial starting point, we have been joined by excellent designers/scripting experts including Elbereth Witte and Erasmus Ranger.