Edgar Family Newsletters 1937-1942

Society of Edgar Families, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

(Thank you Bill Edgar and Melbourne University for the above)

To my Edgar kinsman, John,  from  Maggie  Tucker:


It is my pleasure to pass on a copy of the Edgar Newsletters for your Edgar website; enabling others to access & use the information, as appropriate for their personal use. The Newsletters came into my possession from the late Isabel Edwards*, of Casterton, Victoria. She & her mother had been members of the Society of Edgar Families & had, therefore received the newsletters as a course of their membership. We are grateful that in the midst of many clean-outs & sorting out of goods & chattels, a task that most households undertake from time to time, that these newsletters survived. When my husband & I visited her in 1984, she showed them to me & then asked if I would like them, as she felt she no longer had any use for them & in the giving of the Newsletters to me, she felt that their contents might be shared with other Edgar descendants one way or another. And so it was with a sense of responsibility that I humbly accepted them on behalf of other Edgar descendants, many of whom would not have had access to their contents; many more descendants might never even have known of their existence.

Over a period of time, I typed them into a Word document, as a back-up of the original paper copies. It is these documents which have now been uploaded to this website.

* Isabel Edwards was the great-granddaughter of James Edgar [born 1811] from his first marriage, to Isabella Scott.


Maggie is an Edgar descendant who currently is concentrating on the Hope side of her heritage which is available at http://stemmata.googlepages.com

I would like to place on record here my thanks and great appreciation for the generosity Maggie has shown in making this valuable resource available to Edgar family researchers everywhere.

Also due for thanks is Denis Shackell for the following note on his uncle Ian Trentham-Edgar who was the powerhouse behind the newsletters:

My mother was Ena  Trentham-Edgar sister of Ian, who was the researcher and compiler of the Edgar Family Newsletters. He died suddenly on July 26, 1942 of meningitis at the age of 27 whilst in  officer training with army intelligence. Hence there were no more Newsletters and the Irish branch of the family was never tackled.

He was employed as an auditor with the Vacuum Oil Company, a demanding job, and yet found time to establish the Society of Edgar Families, be a founding member of the Genealogical Society of  Victoria and assist Alexander Henderson in the research and writing of his two books. Ian was unmarried.

My mother recalled assisting Ian by typing some of the newsletters onto wax stencils with a portable Imperial typewriter, which my parents kept for many years. Ena died on November 14, 2005 at the age of 90. My sister Jacqueline and I are Ian's nearest living ancestors. 

This site is a work in progress.

If you have comments or information, contact me (John Edgar) at archaeoaust@yahoo.com.au but note that the newsletters are historical documents and will not be altered. A page of errata is all that is offered. Some hard evidence corroborating a change request will be necessary as there is a lot of wishful thinking in family history making.

Sections of these documents are NOT an easy read. They are packed with dense family information on Edgars from Scotland, Ireland, England, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and a little from the US. They follow old genealogical forms such as numbering male children first in order of birth and then females in order irrespective of actual birth order of the two sexes.  The language is 1930s cultural cringe Australian.

Details of my family from Moffat, Scotland, to Sydney, Australia, are available at 


For those in Victoria with the research time there is a physical archive at Melbourne University: Call Number 69/5 Edgar Family. It contains 4 metres of archive material consisting of 25 archive boxes and 2cm of photographic material. This is claimed to contain extensive records of the Society. 

An underlying theme that emerges from the Newsletters is that their appear to be at least three basic Edgar populations in Scotland: Wedderlie, Keithlock and Moffat. Although the sample is still small (about 50 individuals) this conclusion also appears to be suggested by analysis of the Edgar DNA project results.

It is suggested that the Wedderlie population is mostly Haplogroup R1b and is probably the oldest. 

In the Moffat area it is Haplogroup I2b1 and in Keithlock it is possibly I1. For more information contact James Edgar at http://jameswd.sasktelwebsite.net or Richard Edgar http://edgarfamily.angelfire.com 

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Newsletter 1, pp1-4 

Newsletter 1a (Moffat) pp4a-24 

Newsletter 2, pp25-28 

Newsletter 3, pp29-32 

Newsletter 4, pp33-39 

Newsletter 5, pp40-44 

Newsletter 6, pp45-51

Newsletter 7, pp52-58 

Newsletter 8, pp59-63 

Newsletter 9, pp64-84 

Newsletter 10, pp85-93 

Newsletter 11, pp94-98 

Newsletter 12, pp99-105

Newsletter 13, pp106-110 

Newsletter 14, pp111-> 

Some Newsletters have multiple sections, particularly Nos 1a,13 and 14.  These have been provided with Next/Previous links to facilitate quick flipping between them. Or you could use the Back/Forward buttons on your browser.

No. 13 contains an Edgar names index and No. 14 has a list of most names mentioned.