John Edgar's Scottish Ancestors  

The Diaspora Generation is born

John Edgar (son of James) was born on October 20, in 1778 (near enough) and died in Harthope Place, Moffat, Scotland, on March 18, 1868.

He married Isabella Aitcheson (1787-1882) on June18, 1810. 

Extract from the Society of Edgar Families Newsletter   (thank you Maggie Tucker):

"The first son to James and Jean Edgar was John Edgar, and he was, like his father and grandfather , a shepherd and small farmer. At the time of the death of his son, Archibald in 1841, that is what he was doing at Greskine, then an out-bye of Harthope. He married Isabella Aitcheson, daughter of James Aitcheson (farmer) and Isabella Scott. He died at Harthope Place, Moffat on 18 March 1868 and was buried there. He was described, in his death entry as a shepherd, aged 88, married to Isabella Aitcheson, and the son of James Edgar, Farmer and Jane Johnston, both deceased. The information for this death entry was given (to the Registrar) by his son, Robert Edgar. Isabella Edgar, who was born 5 December 1787, died at Moffat 1 September 1882 at 8.30am, at Harthope Place, Moffat at 94 years of age. Her death certificate was signed by her son, Robert Edgar of 310 Cuthbert (Cathcart) Road, Glasgow."  Cause of death was given as "cancer of the face" of 2 years duration.

They had eleven children all nicely spaced at approximately 2-year intervals between 1811 and 1832.

Of the children (James EDGAR, David EDGAR, Walter EDGAR, Jean EDGAR, Isabella EDGAR, John EDGAR, Halbert EDGAR, Robert EDGAR, Christina EDGAR, Archibald EDGAR and Jessie [Janet] EDGAR) David and Halbert were to have significant impact on the arrival and initial success of the family in Australia while Jessie Janet and her husband, George Johnston, and a few other family members took the Moffat Edgar genes to New Zealand.

Below: David Edgar (From: Henderson's Early Pioneer families of Victoria and Riverina)









Left and Right: Halbert Edgar 1823-1869 and his wife Margaret Burgess 1823-1887

                       (thank you, Lola Wilson and David Edgar).                                                  


Right: George Johnston and wife, Jessie Janet  (Edgar) who moved to New Zealand from Australia on the Omeo in 1861 (Thank you, Helen Castle and Lola Wilson).


Halbert is the first of my direct family line in Australia and the name presents me with an unsolved puzzle.  As the name given to the 5th son (and 7th child) of 11, it was not obviously of great family significance yet it appears in every subsequent generation. My father, Halbert Emil, was the last of my direct family to have it. Because it is slightly unusual it makes research both easier and more difficult as is explained in the cautions section of the Acknowledgements page.

Lola Wilson has suggested that the name might come from the Aitcheson side of the family and, given the Scottish traditional naming patterns, this is entirely possible. However, nothing has turned up yet. 

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