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NEW! William S. Sadler: Chautauqua's Medic Orator

The 1960 doctoral thesis of Dr. Vonne Meussling is finally available in print.  This study of Dr. Sadler as a groundbreaking medical speaker in the Chautauqau Circuit coincides with the early years of Urantia Book history, and was used in the research for Edgar Cayce and the Urantia Book.  Indexed, with llustrations and supplemental material added for this edition.

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Edgar Cayce and The Urantia Book

A thorough examination of the evidence of a link between the sleeping prophet and The Urantia Book. For fifty years the channel for the Urantia Papers has remained a complete mystery. Speculation has suggested Wilfred Kellogg as a likely candidate, but evidence has never supported this theory. See the newest evidence and judge for yourself.

2017 EDITION!!  

Edgar Cayce and the Urantia Book 

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Comments from Martin Gardner, mathematician and author of Urantia: The Great Cult Mystery 

Dear John:

I spent all day yesterday zipping through your book. Again, thank you very much for the typescript, and for the book’s several references to my book...  continued here

Read comments from Harvey A. Green, 
a longtime member, trustee and chairman of the boards of the Association for Research and Enlightenment, the Edgar Cayce Foundation and Atlantic University here.

Y2K Event - The opening of the Harold Sherman sealed archives.  We were there!  Read about it here

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"Love, Love, Love Edgar Cayce! If you have read the Urantia book then you must read Edgar Cayce and the Urantia book. Karen Pressler & John Bunker have put extensive hours of research into their claims regarding this book and hands down is a must read! I could not put it down, I was completely spellbound until the end!"


"Your pdf exceeded any expectations I thought your work would bring.  It was extremely easy to understand and well written.  I commend you for your efforts.  I read it in one sitting because I could not put it down."
Seattle, WA

“Since your theory is well-supported by your research and since any other information about the sleeping subject is very limited, your "Edgar Cayce and the Urantia Book" should be included in any search for the iden-tity of that myster-ious assistant to the Urantia revelation.


Amazon review

5.0 out of 5 stars February 1, 2013

"The material (Book) was excellent and the logic and investigation very well done.
"I would recommend the read, regardless of your belief."

By Seumas