Mission Statement

Inspired by a meeting of the minds in the early 2000s in and around the time of several key Arcosanti hosted events: The Ecosa Institute Total Immersion in Ecological Design Seminar; and the Paradox III Conference. EdenSpace's formation was intended as a way to contemplate what a Sustainable Habitat is and what is the role of aesthetics, human networks, awareness/consciousness studies and exercises, IT and appropriate technologies, in this process.

EdenSpace now operates at the most basic level as a set of ideas created on this wiki but aspiring to inspire an exploration and discussion to consider the ideal components or elements that would make up a sustainable, healthy and life affirming human habitat. It is anticipated that a fellowship of like minds will emerge from this discussion and that it could be further modified with that group converging. 

A major aspect of the mission of EdenSpace is learning from Arcosanti and other similar architectural, community and Appropriate Technology themed projects around the world so that a prototype could be built. The idea is that while building on the concepts of Arcology, it would seek to bring theory and practice together in a Practical Arcology Model of what Soleri terms the Lean Alternative - a training center for sustainable habitat construction and management.

Key Elements/Goals of EdenSpace:
  1. Create Sacred Spaces within any EdenSpace project that would serve to channel the inhabitants towards and deeper, more intrinsic meaning to their lives and cultivate a warm, healing environment to enable their recovery from the throes and woes of modern industrial society so that they may become leaders of a new, truly better way of living and being on this earth.
  2. Integrate compelling Appropriate Technologies to create Synergy as part of a Holistic Approach developed within said project.
  3. Incorporate relevant ideas, theories and perspectives gained from the Arcosanti experience and the Arcology concept as developed by Paolo Soleri. Many times learning from Arcosanti is often a process of seeing how you might do it differently and enabling the creative space to enable that dialog.
  4. Implement more deeply and substantively the idea cultivated by Cosanti Foundation that dubbed Arcosanti an "Urban Laboratory," a place that combines hands-on learning with practically oriented theories and models as well as the discussion of real world issues of communications within compact and dynamic living environments.
Outline of Sequential Deployment/Phasing of Mission Statement
The project mission is to promote more ecologically and socially sustainable solutions to human development as part of a holistic approach.
  1. First step is to collect information relevant to the project objectives and goals in relation to offering to humanity a completed sustainable habitat model that is fully operational as mixed use live/work environment. Meaning that the immediate task is to collect information relevant to the stated goals of creating a state of the art sustainable habitat.
  2. Second step involves organization of people around the compelling idea including the resulting sourcing of adequate capital to enable organization formation and formalization as a NGO or Corporation B or similarly designed hybrid as is Arcosanti/Cosanti reality.
  3. Third Step is to build the model and demonstrate its success as a practical and feasible alternative to existing development practices. In addition to that we want to encourage a rethinking of what the American Dream is by examining aspects of the current contemporary lifestyle in America that are not sustainable.
Replication of EdenSpace
Eventually once a Critical Mass of success is achieved, The Project will then enable the replication of similar type habitats globally. The intent or rationale for this replication is to facilitate the transition from what Soleri terms Hyper-consumption to something more ecologically and socially sane. In terms of the model itself an important criteria of EdenSpace is the selection of Appropriate Technologies within this Project or any project affiliated with this one is that they be relevant for the particular approach put forward here is, which is inspired by Paolo Soleri's higher density Arcology model.