Energetic Holistic Health and Education

Human Beings Consist of Energy

in the form of 

Light, Colour and Vibration

Holistic Therapeutic Energy Medicine  

assists the body’s 

inner environment 

for optimum management 

of the outside environment

Energy = ElectroMagnetic Frequencies

EMF's exist everywhere

 In nature 
as well as man-made products


whether they be subtle or direct 

affect our overall 

mental and physical condition

Having an energetic treatment aligns your energy centres leaving you feeling balanced and relaxed.  Learning how to control your own energetic environment is the way forward.  

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, would like to have a treatment 
and/or take a course in energy with edenawakening

Holistic Therapeutic Approach & Treatments from Ruth Eden BSc (HONS) IFR Reiki Master Teacher
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