How People Learn - Transfer of Learning

    Researchers have been actively providing a new wealth of information realted to how people learn. One of the saient points revolves around deep understanding (learning with understanding) and transfer abilities.  When students develop investigative abilities and  a conceptual foundation of knowledge, they will have more success with transferring facts into useable knowledge.
    If studetns are expected to memorize alrge bodies of facts without any relevance to their world, it lowers the chances of long term memory gains and negates a students' ability to flexibly transfer intormation.  This is iimportant for teachers since the goal is to help students (1) acquire a well rounded body of knowledge and (2) assimilate this knowledge into real world experiences.
    As Doub Reeves, the du Fours, and others in the educational field state, relevance is just as impotant as rigor when designing instruction.