How People Learn - Classroom Implications 2

Key findings regarding how people learn include (National Research Council 2009):
  • students come with pre-conceptions regarding how the world works
  • students need to be engaged or they will return to their preconceptions which could be inaccurate bits of knowledge (Misconceptions)
  • students develop competence when they have the opportunity to experience depth- deep foundation of content and simultaneously understand how to organize it for transfer
  • a metacognitive approach to instruction offers students the opportunity to be empowered in regards to their own learning

 Key implications for teachers when designing instruction:

  • Recognize the level of each of their students- work with their pre-existing understandings
  • Recognize the value of teaching depth rather than breadth within a standards based curriculum
  • Brings order to chaos
An important implication is that teachers can focus on building equity and access since they will be able to focus on the individual learner. It is very important that all teachers utilize research based strategies.