The Empowering Leader Workshop

1 day workshop

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Leaders of teams whether big or small have a big responsibility to fulfill. These includes creating or facilitating the creation of a vision, inspiring and motivating the members while seeing to it that team goals come to fruition.
Since Leaders are commissioned (either by a higher authority or the team itself) to bring in result, they must see to it that roles are clear and individuals in the team are capable of and willing to do their part. Considering all these, a Leader must be properly equipped with a battery of tools and tactics in order to succeed.

In a lot of companies, Leaders are picked not due to their Leadership potential but their ability to do their current responsibility effectively. They are the best performers, hence their superiors believe that this makes them the most qualified to carry out the Leadership role. Most often this leads to the company losing one of their best performers and gaining themselves a lousy Leader.
The truth is, there’s nothing wrong about picking the best performer to lead the team, but failure to check first whether the person has what it takes to lead, or failing to prepare him for the job is certainly a wrong thing to do.
Leaders of teams especially in business endeavors, are empowered to make or break a company, they also have the power to make or break another person’s career.  This is the reason why it is important that the Leader being identified have the right qualities, which brings us to that ever-nagging question, “are Leaders made or born”.  For what ever it’s worth, I believe that some Leaders are born they possess all the right qualities of a Leader, but let me emphasize that all Leaders, born or not, must go through a “making” process where they are oriented about the qualities Leaders must possess and the skills they need to learn to be effective in their job. That is the purpose of this workshop; to help individuals who are prospecting to become Leaders or those who are burdened by the responsibility assimilate a Leadership role.

Course Objectives:
At the end of the One-day workshop, the participants are expected to:

  • Describe the responsibilities of a manager/supervisor/ team leader
  • Shift mindset from doer  to leader and from traditional boss to leader
  • Identify leadership competencies that must be developed
  • Describe the process in inspiring teamwork
  • Align team actions with organizational vision

Course Outline

Module 1: Shifting to the Leader’s Mind Set
Paradigms and how they affect the leader
Making the shift
From Doer to Leader
From Boss to Leader
Key Responsibilities of a Leader
-To the organization
-To the Individual Members
-To the customers
-To the self
Overcoming Roadblocks to effective Leadership
Leadership Competencies

Module 2 Understanding How Teams Work
Understanding What a Team is
5 Stages of Team Development and the needs that come with each
Building Blocks of Team Effectiveness
Overcoming the five dysfunctions of teams

Module 3: Aligning Leadership Actions
Understanding the Concept of visionary leadership
Aligning organizational vision, mission and values with team behaviors and performance
Creating a vision of excellence for the team
Leadership styles
The Leadership Grid
Situational Leadership

Forward Agenda