Service Excellence

Duration: 2 Days

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According to one US research, high performing organizations are highly customer-centered. Many organizations are aware of this and yet research also shows that customer satisfaction levels have been declining steadily. This is because while customer expectations are rising, most attempts to improve customer service are too narrow and superficial. They fail to focus the organization's culture and core processes on serving customers. That's why 50-70% of these programs consistently fail. This happens because many companies hinge their customer service effort on training front-liners on how to be friendly with customers and nothing else.  A good customer service program should inculcate in the mind of every employee the importance of what they do in making the customers happy. It should also impress on the need to continually look at the company’s service process and make continuous improvement in order to keep up or exceed customer expectations

The goal of this workshop is to equip your employees with a more in depth understanding of the customers and their needs and tools they can use to meet and exceed customer expectations.


  • Describe Customer service and customer expectations
  • Identify the participants’ external and internal customers and their responsibilities for each customer
  • Appreciating the importance of attitude and mindset in achieving customer service success
  • Manifest the right service attitude
  • Identify opportunities for service excellence, analyze and eliminate snags in the service process
  • Describe the art of delighting the customers
  • Describe techniques in managing relationship with customers and avoid customer dissatisfaction
  • Describe common practices in handling calls
  • Describe ways in handling difficult customers and  managing complaints
  • Establish steps in applying the learning to work

Target Participants

Everyone who is responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction at every touch-point (max 20 pax)

Course Content

Opening Activities
Leveling of expectations
Program objectives
House rules
Ice breaker activity

Module 1: Customer Service Overview
Stepping in to the customer’s shoes
Defining Customer Service, Customer Expectations, wants and needs
Understanding External and Internal Customers
Customers’ perception of value

Module 2: Establishing Customer Centric Mindsets
Four C’s of Customer Centricity
Types of Service Attitudes
Relationship between Personal Values and Service Behavior

Module 3: Proactive Customer Service
Professionalism with no excuses
Going the Extra Mile
Moments of Truths of Customer Service

Module 4: Managing Relationship with Customers
Managing Customer perceptions
Handling Different types of Customers
Establishing Rapport
Making the customer feel valued
Ensuring clear communication

Module 6: Customer Service on the Phone
Have you ever called you?
Putting your best ear forward
Saying hello: The opener
Between Hello and Goodbye: Helping the Customer
Saying Goodbye: The Closer

Module 5: Dealing with Difficult Situations
Dealing with difficult customers
Why customers’ complain
The art of taking the H.E.A.T.

Forward Agenda
Closing Activity