Management Team Building

Course Duration: 2 Days based on Patrick Lencioni's Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions of a Team

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This is what Patrick Lencioni, best selling author of “Five Dysfunctions of Teams” and Teambuilding Guru has to say about teamwork:

“Not technology, not finance, not strategy, it’s teamwork that remains to be the ultimate competitive advantage of organizations both because it’s powerful and so rare. Teamwork is rare because despite all the attention it has received over the years from scholars, coaches, teachers and the media, teamwork is as elusive as it has ever been within most organizations. The fact remains that teams because they are made up of imperfect human beings are inherently dysfunctional. But this is not to say that teamwork is doomed. In fact, building a strong team is possible and remarkably simple but it is also painfully difficult. That’s because like so many aspects of life, teamwork comes down to mastering a set of behaviors that are at once theoretically uncomplicated but extremely difficult to practice day after day. Success comes only for those groups that overcome the all-too-human tendencies that corrupt teams and breed dysfunctional politics within the organization.”

This workshop which is based on the follow-up book of Patrick Lencioni, “Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions of a Team” aims to help the team go through the necessary steps towards overcoming all the dysfunctions that beset typical management teams such as:
· Absence of Trust
· Fear of conflict
· Lack of commitment
· Avoidance of accountability
· Inattention to results
Through this workshop the members of the  team are expected to become aware of which types of behaviors support cohesiveness and high team performance. 

There are two options to undertaking this course, the one-day and the two-day workshop. The later offers a more in depth course that provide more time to tackle each teambuilding fundamentals. Both options are included in this proposal.

After the session, the participants are expected to;

· Identify the five dysfunctions that beset typical teams
· Improve trust among team members
· Use productive conflict to enhance teamwork
· Achieve commitment on thematic goals and categorical objectives
· Create a culture of accountability
· Gauge on-going success against its goals.




1 to 2 hours (Pre-work)

q         Team Climate Assessment

q         Individual Behavioral Assessment

Determine current team climate and individual behavioral profiles

2 hours

q         Overview and Assessment

q         Overview of the five dysfunctions of teams

q         Review of climate survey report

Appreciate the concept of the Five dysfunctions of teams and create desire to overcome it

3 to 4 hours

q         Fundamental # 1: Building Trust

q         Personal Histories Exercise

q         Behavioral Profile Exercise

q         Trust Review

Improve trust among team members


2 hours

q         Fundamental # 2 Mastering Conflict

q         Conflict Profiling

q         Conflict Norming

q         Conflict Resolution Obstacles

Use productive conflict to enhance teamwork

2- 3 hours (depending on team dynamics)

q         Fundamental # 3: Achieving Commitment

q         Commitment Clarification

q         Cascading Communication

q         Establishing a Thematic Goal Exercise

q         Rules of Engagement

Achieve commitment on thematic goals and categorical objectives

1 hour

q         Fundamental # 4: Embracing Accountability

q         Team effectiveness exercise

Create a culture of accountability

1 hour

q         Fundamental # 5: Focusing on Results

q         Establishment of a team scoreboard

Gauge on-going success against its goals.

1 hour

q         Wrap up and Follow-up

q         • Strategies for Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions

q         • Cascading Communication Agreement

q         • Personal Commitments

q         • Closing Statement

Ensure follow-through of agreed upon action