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"We are a Mississippi business and wanted to expand into Louisiana.  I looked everywhere for an affordable office.  When I came across Office Ready, I knew that their office space was perfect for us. The Quick Start office was great.  We didn't have to spend a lot of resources on building out an office.  Office Ready's suite is move-in-ready...our office was literally open for business the next day.  I'd recommend them to an expanding business or one that is just getting started"---Natasha Silcio, dsilcio@bellsouth.net Security Solutions



"Having the burden and distraction of managing the office taken off my shoulders and access to Office Ready's resources enabled me to keep my overhead extremely low.  I was free to focus on growing Wilson Properties.  Since those early days, I have brought on a new partner, four employees, and a large number of properties...I hightly recommend Office Ready to any entrepreneur who wants to move their busines forward in a hurry."--Josh Wilson, Wilson-Register Properties


I work nine hour days and starting a company takes up the rest of my time, but your company [Office Ready] has made it an easier transition.  I know as time goes on I'll have even more kind words for you guys.  Also, when will my unique suite number and mail slot be available...I would like to use my new business address...instead of my home office address!  I'm so excited!!!--Greekca Hughes, WiFi Installations


"Office Ready was the solution to my unwieldy home office situation.  With 3 kids home after school and in the summer, I just couldn't get any work done, and my business calls were marred by all kinds of kid noise.  Office Ready provided a professional office setting I could access when I needed to bang out calls or hop on email via the wireless network.  I didn't need a full time office, but I did need a place I could use when I needed a quiet place to work, and the coffee shops didn't cut it."--Dan Moriarty, Corporate Recruiter


"Our experience using Office Ready Conference room to have a two day planning meeting for our business was perfect!  We were able to get away locally and move forward with some planning without day to day interruptions that come up in the office.  The location is convenient to all parts of the city and the staff supplied everything we needed.  We will definitely do this again in the future.--Becky Fisher, eComm Realty


“As a small business consultant who has helped many start-ups, I would recommend Office Ready as the best way to gain client confidence while keeping a manageable budget.”---Grant Cooper, CEO, CareerPro, LLC


"Office Ready is the out-of-the-box office solution that will keep a small business's overhead low.   To survive and flourish in New Orleans, a small business really needs to stay flexible, get creative and think twice before committing to a long term lease."--"The Money Doctor", Mildred D. Noah CPA


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