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What are Office Ready offices?

Office Ready offices are ready to use office and meeting rooms.  They included desk, chairs, Dell P4 computers, high speed Internet, utilities, conference room, kitchen, reception area and more.  Most of our clients use our services on a part time basis.


How is Office Ready different from a traditional office?

With traditional offices, you have the costly and time-consuming task of setting up your workspace. Before you can be productive, you must:

  • pay for altering office space
  • sign a fixed-length office lease
  • provide office furniture
  • contract with multiple service providers (Entergy, Internet, maintenance)
  • hire an office staff
  • buy or rent office equipment
  • build or configure connectivity infrastructure
  • spend time, resources and money

With Office Ready, your office space solutions are a single phone call or mouse click away. Simply plug in your computer and start working — and leave the rest to us.


How will this office help me?

With Office Ready you are up and running within minutes.  No dealing with utilities, Internet or movers.  We handle the details so you don't have to.  Additionally, you will save more than $4,200 per year over the average small office.

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Why did you start Office Ready?

Office Ready was created to serve the small business people, solo professionals and entrepreneurs of New Orleans.  We feel that small businesses are under served here and decided to fill the need.

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Why should people buy from Office Ready instead of from others?

We provide good service and a great value.  Everything we do is geared to help you.  Let your competition lease the expensive options.

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Have your services helped others before?

Yes, businesses from around the country use Office Ready services

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How can I be sure that your product will help me?

We guarantee our service 100%. If you are not satisfied we will return your money.



What is the price of the service?

Office prices range from $99 to $750 depending on your specific needs.  Our services are based on a month to month basis.


Do you provide payment plans?

Our office rents are based on a month to month agreement.  We keep it simple, no long term or complex lease agreements are needed.  One month or twelve months you decide--No minimum usage required.


What sort of guarantee do you make?

100% money back guarantee, if you are not happy with Office Ready services, we return your fee.


When can I get started in my new office?

You can sign your one page Office Ready agreement one day and begin working in your new office the next.


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