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Are you a Small Business Owner, Entrepreneur, or Independent Professional?


Who Works From Your Home Office or Out of Town Office And Who Knows Your Business Could Grow By Leaps And Bounds If Only You Were In The Right Environment?





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Let's take a look at your business right now.

  • How much time do you waste making trips to the copy center, visiting the post office, waiting for important package deliveries or waiting around for a client to drop off a payment?
  • Have you missed opportunities and potential clients because you didn't have a professional meeting place?
  • Do you provide a great service but feel you are not taken seriously or credibly because your only office is your home?
  • Do you waste time over-managing your home office by fiddling with paper jams, Internet connections or faulty fax machines when you should be earning more money by focusing on your clients?
  • Could you take your business to the next level if you were in the right environment?


Hi, I'm Ed Toups, owner of Office Ready LLC.  And yes, there is a better, more successful way to office.  If you want to have a nice professional office that works for you and not the other way around, you've come to the right place.


  • Are you an entrepreneur, small business owner or professional?
  • Are you starting a business or looking to grow and expand your existing one?
  • Do you recognize the benefit and value of having automated office systems working for your business?

If your answer is yes, Congratulations, you are an Office Ready candidate!

You are well on your way to growing a successful business faster, easier and with less effort.  If you are ready to see what Office Ready can do for you and your business, give me a call @ 504-272-2221 or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.


If you're ready to have a nice professional office that works for you and not the other way around, you've come to the right place.  Call or E-mail for a visit today!

Contact us Now, E-mail or call 504-272-2221 to learn how you can get started today. 


If any of the above sounds familiar, you're NOT alone!  Most entrepreneurs and small business owners feel the same.

You have a decision to make, either stay where you are and have tomorrow just like today or take the next step toward growing your business.

You're mobile, flexible and on the go.  You can take your "office" with you where ever you go.  The Internet, cell phones, fax machines, laptop computers, web-based software and PDA's make it so that you no longer need a traditional office or the overhead that goes with it.


"We are a Mississippi business and wanted to expand into Louisiana.  I looked everywhere for an affordable office.  When I came across Office Ready, I knew that their office space was perfect for us. The Quick Start office was great.  We didn't have to spend a lot of resources on building out an office.  Office Ready's suite is move-in-ready...our office was literally open for business the next day.  I'd recommend them to an expanding business or one that is just getting started"---Natasha Silcio, Security Solutions


Your smallness is your biggest competitive advantage--use it to your fullest benefit! 


Having the burden and distraction of managing the office taken off my shoulders and access to Office Ready's resources enabled me to keep my overhead extremely low.  I was free to focus on growing Wilson Properties.  Since those early days, I have brought on a new partner, four employees, and a large number of properties...I highly recommend Office Ready to any entrepreneur who wants to move their business forward in a hurry."--Josh Wilson, Wilson-Register Properties


Ed Toups of Office Ready Rocks!  Great show of support from a fantastic Mid-City business owner.  This office package [Quick Start Office] is a fantastic deal and a wonderful opportunity to support Urban Conservancy and all they do for small business."--Jennifer Weishaupt, Ruby Slipper Cafe & Mid-City Neighborhood Association President

I work nine hour days and starting a company takes up the rest of my time, but your company [Office Ready] has made it an easier transition.  I know as time goes on I'll have even more kind words for you guys.  Also, when will my unique suite number and mail slot be available...I would like to use my new business address...instead of my home office address!  I'm so excited!!!--Greekca Hughes, WiFi Installations
When I began my firm, I needed a small business office solution
that combined convenience and affordability with a facility in a prime New Orleans location.  I found all of that and more with Office Ready.  The virtual office setup was quick and easy.  I instantly had a place to meet with clients in a beautiful conference room with access to a copy/printer/fax machine and wireless internet.  Best of all, I could present a professional image while keeping my overhead expenses very low.  My experience with Office Ready has been so wonderful.  I couldn't ask for anything more.--Bethany Conner The Conner Firm LLC

Many new entrepreneurs make the mistake of confusing a J.O.B. office with a modern entrepreneur office.  Remember, the employer pays for the lavish J.O.B. office.

Don't get me wrong, the office is not obsolete.  You still need an office for very real practical matters such as copies, faxes, files, client meetings, mail address, and credibility.  Our clients still view having a real office as a deciding factor in doing business with us.  That is not going to go away anytime soon.  Having an office separates you from the fly-by-night guys who are not serious about their businesses.

  • Are you afraid of making the wrong decision which could result in disastrous consequences?
  • Are you a small business owner or aspiring entrepreneur who is ready to expand from your home office or looking to expand into a New Orleans satellite office?
  • What's holding you back?  Money?  The head-ache?  The unknown?  You will be surprised at how inexpensive an office can be.

Low Risk -- High Reward.

Just think, if you get just ONE new client as a result of taking this step--how much additional money would you make?

so Rather than....

  • Lose customers because your current operation does not look professional.
  • Delay potential client meetings because you have to make special arrangements to organize the house.
  • Waste time going to your client's office instead of having them come to you.
  • Run your business from the dining room table or the neighborhood coffee shop.

Office Ready's job is to help you make more money, make your work much easier, and your business more rewarding.


Office Ready's Quick Start Office is like a base camp.  When you go camping, you set up your base camp.  Base camp has your tent, sleeping bags, large food & water supply, extra clothing and all the other tools and supplies you need to make your trip as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

You venture out on day hikes or overnight trips.  You bring along enough supplies to sustain yourself for the day and only enough that is comfortable to carry.  After a long and arduous hike or adventure, you come back to base camp and enjoy the camp fire, tent and camaraderie of your companions.

Office Ready's Quick Start Office can be viewed in a similar light to a base camp, but for your business life.

The great news is you don't have to spend anytime setting up your business base camp, because Office Ready is already set up with all the tools you need, so that part is DONE.

You venture out each day and conduct your business as usual.  When you need to collect your mail, make a copy, fax an agreement or proposal, or meet a client you head back to your base camp. 

When you arrive, camp is set up and ready to go, lights are on, water is running, Internet is don't have to do a thing.  You don't have to pay the electric bill, take out the garbage or prepare the conference room.

Combine Office Ready with you home office and you have a solid foundation on which to build your passion.  You are not overextended in any way, at any time.

Here is a little known secret that few New Orleans entrepreneurs know.  With the advent of the Internet, laptop computers, web sofware and cell phones, you no longer need a traditional 9 to 5 office space or many employees to make a great living owning your own business.  It is a great time to be an entrepreneur in New Orleans.


Office Ready was the solution to my unwieldy home office situation.  With 3 kids home after school...I just couldn't get any work done.  Office Ready provided a professional office setting...I needed to bang out calls or hop on email via the wireless network.--Dan Moriarty, Corporate Recruiter




"Our experience using Office Ready Conference room to have a two day planning meeting for our business was perfect!  We were able to get away locally and move forward with some planning without day to day interruptions that come up in the office.  The location is convenient to all parts of the city and the staff supplied everything we needed.  We will definitely do this again in the future.--Becky Fisher, eComm Realty,




I hope our site showed you how Office Ready can help you reach your business goals.

Being an entrepreneur, trying to make a difference, can be a scary and lonely proposition.  Many times you feel you are by yourself and it's you against the world.

I take great joy in figuring out how to create an environment that will support you and your business.  It can be tough being an entrepreneur out there on your own.

We often think that landlords and tenants are antagonistic to each other.  That is not the kind of relationship I have with the people who share our space.

I think of you as a guest.  Yes, we have a business relationship and yes, I will charge you money, but you are not just about the money for me.  This is about being here for each other and supporting each other's businesses.

I want your business to succeed.

Here is a place where you can be safe, where you can focus on your business while Office Ready looks after the details and creates an environment that supports you.  We will have a relationship of mutual respect and support.

If you have any questions or would like to learn a little more about us, please call 504-272-2221 or fill out the form below and we will get back to you within 24 business hours.

Oh, and if you would like, we can schedule a visit so you can see first hand what Office Ready has to offer, just let me know when you'd like to come in.

To your success,

 Ed Toups and The Office Ready Team


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