Trike Daddy Customs Razor 360 Trike - A Gift That Will Keep Your Kids In A Spin

Trike Daddy Customs Top service provider. Looking to buy that special gift for your child something that will make them scream out loud with fun, the razor 360 trike could be just the thing. This tricycle is no ordinary bike, in this article you'll to find out where to get the best sale price online.

Why so Popular...This Trike?

About the tricycle first, it stands out from the crowd with its bright blue color, with its large front wheel and low positioned seat, it's most well known feature that leads to its name - the 360º trike, are the small castor wheels at the back. Which enables the trike to be snapped from side to side in a simple, smooth and easy action. The sporty mx-type handle bars make it great fun to control, your kids will love the thrill of being able to spin on the spot with this razor rip rider tricycle.

Age Range?...Even The Adults Will Want A Go!

Mainly aimed at children from the age of 5 and upwards with a weight limit of 160 lbs, this trike was invented by a 12 yr old boy, Seth Calvin the son of the Razor company CEO, Carlton Calvin, famous for it's kick and electric scooters, so it comes from a great design background.

It's sturdy steel framework is able to cope with the rough and tumble of children playing with their bikes. Even the grown ups will want a go! get a speed up drift from side to side and then whip it into a 360º spin.

Always Be Safe!

It works best on smooth flat surfaces, it can be tricky on slight slopes but once you get the hang of how to handle this modern styled tricycle there shouldn't be to many problems although it is always advisable to wear a helmet and pads to be on the safe side. This tricycle is very popular, being voted the top toy of the year by several popular parenting magazines.